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DETERDEK - Grout Haze Remover

For porcelain, ceramics, terracotta, acid resistant stone

  • Cleans inorganic stains (grout haze, limescale, efflorescence, rust, paint...) without damaging surfaces.
  • Does not harm aluminium or steel trims.

DETERDEK SPRAY - Tile Limescale Cleaner

For bathroom ceramics, porcelain mosaic, glass, stainless steel

  • Cleans inorganic stains (water spots, soap scum, limescale ...).
  • Does not harm aluminium or steel trims.

FILACLEANER - Neutral Cleaner

Safely cleans all stone, tile, wood and household surfaces

  • Non acidic, does not contain ammonia or alcohol.
  • Concentrated formula: more than 150 applications per gallon.

FILACLEANER SPRAY - Everyday Cleaner

Safely cleans all stone, tile, wood and household surfaces

  • Non acidic, does no contain alcohol or ammonia.
  • No rinse solution. Pleasant smell.

FILAPS87 - Heavy Duty Cleaner

For porcelain, ceramics, concrete, natural stone, terracotta, quarry tiles

  • Removes organic stains: grease, coffee, wine, wax, ink, food stains.
  • Ideal for non absorbent surfaces.

FILAPS87 GEL - Heavy Duty Stain Remover

For tile and glass mosaics

  • Heavy duty cleaning of organic stains (grease, wine, coffee, tape). Gel considetncy, ideal for vertical surfaces.
  • Excellent results with old and stubborn epoxy residues.

FILAPS87 SPRAY - Heavy Duty Cleaner

Porcelain, ceramics, plastics, metal

  • Removes organic stains: grease, coffee, wine, ink, food stains.
  • Ideal for non absorbent surfaces.

FILAREFRESH - Cleaner & Resealer

For natural stone countertops, marble, granite, limestone, travertine, quartz

  • Extends the life of the original seal.
  • Ideal for kitchen countertops.

FILAGROUT NET - Grout Cleaner

Heavy duty cleaner for grout joints

  • Does not contain acids.
  • Cleans without damaging grout and tile surfaces.

FILAMARBLE RESTORER - Marble Restoration Kit

For marble, polished marble agglomerates

  • Removes acid etch stains.
  • Restores shine on polished marble, travertine, limestone, and agglomerate surfaces.

FILANO RUST - Rust Stain Remover

For marble, granite, natural stone, terrazzo, porcelain tiles, terracotta, concrete

  • Removes rust stains.
  • Non-acidic formulation, Ideal for delicate polished marble.

FILANO DROPS - Anti-Water Drop Protective Detergent

For showers, glass, mosaic, glazed ceramic and mirrors

  • It cleans and protects glass surfaces, making them hydrophilic so that water droplets slide off without leaving residues.
  • Ideal for shower stalls.
  • Easy to apply, does not require rinsing as it leaves no streaks and is eco-friendly.

FILANOPAINT STAR - Gel Cleaner For Wall

For terracotta, quarry tiles, porcelain, unpolished marble and agglomerates, concrete

  • Removes graffiti from both treated and untreated walls: It is especially useful on rough or porous surfaces (concrete, brick veneers, natural stone, etc.).
  • Penetrating detergent and grease remover.
  • Removes grime and dirt from external walls.
  • Removes filmy and paint layers from terracotta (“oxblood” type).

FILANO SPOT - Stain Remover Spray

For terracotta, quarry tiles, marble and agglomerates, concrete

  • Removes oily and greasy stains from terracotta, quarry tiles, natural stone, granite, agglomerates, tumbled marble, pebbles, cobblestones, concrete.
  • Easy to use: just spray and wipe.
  • Leaves no traces

FILAPH ZERO - Strong Descaling Cleaner

For terracotta, quarry tiles and porcelain

  • Removes heavy building site dirt and residues.
  • Removes any saline efflorescence.
  • Cleaning and descaling action.
  • Does not emit fumes that are harmful to users or the environment: a welcome substitute to muriatic acid.

FILASR95 - Stain Remover

For natural stone, porcelain, glazed ceramic tiles, concrete and terracotta

  • Removes colored organic stains: wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Penetrating stain remover – Goes deeper than any other cleaning product.
  • Specially developed to remove stains from natural stone surfaces (marble, travertine, agglomerates).

FILAMP90 - Natural Look Penetrating Sealer

For natural stone, polished porcelain and grout

  • Perfectly suited for granite countertops and polished marbles.
  • Certified as safe for food preparation surfaces.

FILAFOB - Natural Look Penetrating Sealer

For porous unpolished natural stones, concrete, terracotta, quarry tile

  • Natural look water and oil repellent sealer against stains, for interior and exterior surfaces
  • For porous materials suitable for honed marble, limestone and travertine

FILAMP90 ECO PLUS - Natural Look Penetrating Sealer

For all natural stone, polished porcelain and grout

  • Fast setup: the installation is ready after only 4 hours.
  • Ideal for kitchen countertops.

FILASTONE PLUS - Penetrating Stone Enhancer

For all natural stones

  • Matte finish color enhancer.
  • UV resistant and non yellowing protection.

FILASTONE PLUS ECO - Penetrating Stone Enhancer

All natural stones

  • Color enhancing eco-friendly protection
  • Matte finish, non-yellowing, UV resistant.

FILAWET - Wet Look Sealer

For unpolished stone, quarry tile, terracotta

  • Protects surfaces against stains and dirt.
  • Highly resistant to UV light and heavy traffic.

FILAWET ECO - Wet Look Sealer

For natural stones and terracotta

  • Protects surfaces against stains and dirt.
  • Highly resistant to UV light and heavy traffic.


Stain protection for cement grout joints

  • Keeps grout joints looking new for years.
  • Makes cleaning easier.

FILASTOP DIRT - Protective Barrier Against Dirt

For textured, unpolished and lappato porcelain tiles

  • Improves the material’s resistance to dirt caused by traffic.
  • Protects the material against watery or oily stains.
  • Facilitates cleaning of the surfaces.
  • The product bonds chemically with the material without leaving a film on the surface.

FILAPD15 - Dirt Repellent Protector

For lappato porcelain tiles

  • Protects surfaces from dirt caused by heavy foot traffic.
  • Restores and increases the material surface’s sheen.
  • Makes regular maintenance of lappato porcelain tiles easier.

FILAPRW200 - Grout Release

For natural stone, polished porcelain, quarry tile, terracotta

  • Water based sealer against grout and mortar stains.
  • Reduces drying time and eases grout clean up.

FILAPW10 - Pre-Laying Efflorescence-Blocking Protector

Pre-laying efflorescence-blocking protector against salts and pre-installation anti contaminant protector for natural stone, terracotta and absorbent materials

  • Anti-efflorescence protector to apply to the back of tiles or slabs of absorbent materials.
  • It stops contaminants rising up from the substrate to the surface of the material (salts, tannin, metals, etc.) preventing the formation of streaks and/or stains.
  • Water-based VOC-free product.

HYDROREP - Anti Efflorescence Penetrating Sealer

For unpolished natural stone and agglomerates, concrete

  • Protects exterior pavings from water and humidity.
  • Makes walls, claddings and grout joints waterrepellent.
  • Protects from wear caused by atmospheric agents.
  • Does not alter the appearance of the surface.

HYDROREP ECO - Water Repellent Sealer Water Based

For terracotta, quarry tile, exposed brick, unpolished stone, plaster and concrete

  • Creates a water repellent barrier without altering the material’s natural finish.
  • Guards the surface against algae, mold and efflorescence.
  • Prevents wear caused by weather damage.
  • Protects while preserving at least 90% surface breathability.


For terracotta, quarry tiles and unpolished natural stone

  • Gives a highly natural look. 
  • For floor maintenance and dull finish treatment of terracotta, quarry tile, tumbled marble and natural stone floors.
  • The ideal finishing coat after the application of a water-based sealer.
  • Ideal for terracotta and natural stone to prevent dust.

FILASATIN - Satin Look Wax

For terracotta, quarry tiles and unpolished natural stones

  • Protects unpolished natural stone (limestone, sandstone, slate, etc) unvitrified quarry tiles and various types of terracotta.
  • Ideal for both treatment and maintenance.
  • Original new satin look.

FILAKRISTALL PLUS - Professional Crystallizer

For polished marble, limestone, agglomerates and natural stones

  • Professional product which restores sheen to worn surfaces.
  • Ideal for crystallizing natural polished limestone (marble, travertine) and polished agglomerates.
  • Anti-slip polishing.
  • Increases traffic resistance.

FORMULA MARMO - Marble Polish

For polished natural stones and agglomerates

  • Cleans and protects small surfaces in marble, granite and agglomerate: shelves, windowsills, tables, bathroom tops, etc .
  • Removes limescale residues left by water.
  • Restores the shine to worn polished surfaces.